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What is GATE? 
What is GATE?

The purpose of the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program is to recognize the performance capabilities of gifted students, as well as to address the unique needs and differences associated with having these abilities.

Almost all of our gifted students are placed in CP (College Preparatory) language arts, math, social studies, and science classes.  The majority of the students placed in these classrooms are GATE students, mixed with a few non-GATE students who are also high achievers.

Several of our CP teachers have received special GATE certification that required the completion of at least seven college classes specifically addressing the unique educational and social needs that gifted students bring to the classroom.

Calendar  What Extracurricular Activities Are Happening?

The greatest thing about being a GATE student is the 180-days-a-year of specialized attention he or she receives in classrooms with other GATE students and teachers who understand their own special needs.  However, GATE students are also provided extension activities designed to bring more depth and novelty to their educational experience.  These activities may include field trips, assemblies, and after-school enrichment classes.


Field Trips

After-School Enrichment

Other Opportunities

Students are encouraged to watch the daily TRMS video announcements to find out about upcoming activities.

What happens in class?  What Happens in a CP/GATE Class?

Tomas Rivera Middle School's teachers of gifted students, recognize that their GATE students are a diverse group of individuals that learn in a variety of ways and have many different interests.  To meet the unique needs of our students, our CP teachers differentiate their instruction.

Differentiation entails teachers practicing the philosophy that one shoe does not fit all, especially when it comes to learning.  In other words, teachers vary their teaching styles and sometimes allow students to learn how they learn best, even if it means changing a lesson just for that student.

When our CP teachers modify lessons for individuals, or small groups of individuals, to provided them with the best learning experience possible, that is called differentiated instruction.

Acceleration Complexity
Students in our GATE clusters experience faster pacing, so they are able to cover content more quickly.  Gifted students usually require only 1-2 repetitions for mastery of a skill. Students in our GATE clusters relate ideas and concepts at a more sophisticated level.  They are encouraged to find multiple solutions from multiple points of view.
Depth Novelty
Students in our GATE clusters explore topics in greater detail.  When answering questions, they are expected to look at the language of the discipline, details, patters, trends, big ideas, and more. Students in our GATE clusters are provided opportunities to control their own learning in different ways: special course-work, individual projects, and negotiable project guidelines.

How to Join How Do Students Join the GATE Program?

The Val Verde Unified School District uses a multiple measure approach that includes a parent survey, teacher survey, report card grades, standardized state test scores, and the Raven's Progressive Matrices, which is sometimes referred to as the GATE test.

Anytime during the year, a parent or teacher can contact the TRMS GATE facilitator and request the evaluation of a student for inclusion in our GATE program.  The evaluation process usually begins in February at our site.  All of our teachers receive training once a year on how to identify gifted learners.  At TRMS, we only allow a student to be evaluated once during their 6th grade year, and once during their 7th grade year.

If you have any questions about our GATE referral in identification process, please contact the TRMS GATE facilitator.

Info Where Can I Find More Information?

Here are some other site-specific documents that you may wish to read:
            Document TRMS GATE Parent Information Night Presentation.pdf

            Document TRMS GATE Program Brochure.pdf
            Document Differences Between GATE and AVID at TRMS.pdf
Local Museum and College List for Gifted Students.pdf

Below, is a list of links to other webpages that come highly recommended:
            Link Val Verde Unified School District's GATE Webpage
 California State Department of Education's GATE Webpage
 California Association for the Gifted
            Link National Association for Gifted Children

Mail Who Should I Contact About the Program?

If you have questions or comments about what is happening in a particular teacher's classroom, contact that teacher directly or the principal, Mr. Lizarraga.

If you have questions concerning your gifted child's schedule of classes or social and emotional wellbeing, the counselor for most of the GATE-identified students is Ms. Williams.

If you have any questions about the GATE extracurricular activities or if you would like to have your child evaluated for giftedness, please email Mr. Blomberg, the TRMS GATE facilitator.

Email Email your questions to sblomberg@valverde.edu

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