Live, Daily @ 8:00am

Viewing Instructions
  • Pre-show music (TRMSradio) will begin playing by 7:45 so that you can make sure the announcements are working in your classroom.
  • Be sure to use the Google Chrome browser; the announcements will not play using Microsoft Edge or Explorer.  Adobe Flash must be installed and enabled.
  • Use your login name (without including the portion). The password is the same password that you use for AERIES. The substitute teacher login and password should work too.
  • The opening Flag Salute will begin at approximately 8:01 and will be followed by five to ten minutes of messages for the students.
  • If you are having problems playing the announcements in your classroom, please check if the room next to you is also having problems before sending a student to the newsroom to let us know of any school-wide problems.

TRMStv Live Morning Announcements on V-Brick (Must have Login and Password)
TRMStv YouTube Channel
TRMStv Website

How to Get Your Message Read on the Announcements

The easiest way to get your message read is for you to print the message (exactly as you want it read) neatly on a paper and then bring it to the media broadcasting room (located behind the library) before school. If it is a short message, or you are short of time, you can pop into the room and just tell the news-crew chief what you want shared and they will write it down for you. Somebody should always be in the room between 7:45 and 8:00. Emailing your announcement to Mr. Blomberg is not ideal because he is not at every broadcast and he does not have access to his email while in the media broadcasting room. If you would like one of your students to read the message on-air, please arrange this with Mr. Blomberg at least the day before the broadcast, because sometimes the room can get overcrowded.

Need Help?

Matt Blomberg - TRMStv Advisor - 26311 -
Dan Templin - Teacher-Tech/TIE - 26 -
Jared Carter - Teacher-Tech/TIE - 26 -
VVUSD IT Ticket (Check with TIE before placing ticket. Don't call the IT Help-desk; not being able to watch the announcements is not an emergency.)